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Here are our terms and conditions regarding the purchase of OMA tubes

Before you place an order, please note

In order to use the OMA Tube as it is intended, you must first be registered with a Council / Local Authority that is currently using the OMA App. The OMA tube cannot be used for its intended purpose without the OMA App.

If you are unsure whether you have registered with a Council / Local Authority, please contact support@omaapp.com and we can assist you.


OMA tubes can only be ordered and paid for through our website. Click here to purchase an OMA tube.

Ensure you enter a valid email address as you will receive an email containing your order confirmation and invoice.


We accept payment by credit card.



OMA tubes will be posted to you once your payment has been received.



If you wish to return a tube or have any issues with delivery, please contact us.


How to return / replace a faulty OMA tube

Email support@omaapp.com with details of the fault, including a photograph if possible.

When your return request is confirmed, we will advise you of the next steps.