Benefits 2018-04-30T10:04:46+00:00

Regulatory benefits and cost savings for councils

Helping protect councils from

*Liability issues and potential prosecution

*Community health issues

*Environmental problems and water contamination clean up costs

Improving health and safety by assisting in the management of water-borne diseases

Reducing admin costs by up to 90%

The OMA app automates everything, so that your team no longer wastes countless hours deciphering and entering data.

Reports are collated with the push of a button. They are easily analysed and available instantly for any government department or organisation that you may wish to send them to. Once again, saving your team’s valuable time.

Unhygienic reports are a thing of the past.

Monitoring facility owners that do not action instructions given by service technicians

* OMA App offers councils an automated way to identify facility owners that are neglecting their maintenance obligations or not affecting repairs required to ensure safe operation of their waste water facility

* Standardised reporting ensures councils ability to manage and maintain community health standards

Improving communication between councils, licenced service technicians and facility owners

Instant communication between service technicians, council and facility owners ensures that problems are quickly addressed and easily monitored and all parties are efficiently kept in the loop

Easy installation and reliable, timely IT support

Once council goes through its requisite approvals process, depending on the software you currently use, OMA can be easily integrated into your existing software.

Initial training and on time support.